Travel In Style

Founded in 2019, Mirage Luggage emerged as a visionary brand in the travel industry, driven by a passion for crafting exceptional travel companions. With an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, Mirage Luggage embarked on a journey to redefine the travel experience. From the outset, our brand has been dedicated to combining modern aesthetics with cutting-edge materials, ensuring that each piece of luggage is not only a functional necessity but also a style statement. Rooted in a belief that travel should be an embodiment of elegance and convenience, Mirage Luggage continues to elevate the art of journeying, allowing travelers to explore the world with sophistication and confidence.

Elegance in travel

In 2022, a significant milestone marked the inception of Izod's distinguished line of bags and luggage. Guided by a shared commitment to quality and innovation, our brand embarked on a transformative journey to collaborate with Izod, a timeless emblem of style and authenticity. Drawing inspiration from Izod's rich heritage, our bags and luggage seamlessly blend iconic design with modern functionality. Rooted in the belief that travel should reflect both elegance and practicality, Izod Bags and Luggage elevate the art of journeying, catering to the needs of discerning travelers. This collaboration brings forth a collection that embodies the essence of exploration and lends a touch of Izod's legacy to every travel experience, ensuring that each journey is as exceptional as the brand itself.

Explore more, Spend less

Established in 2021, Limo Luggage introduces a budget-friendly approach to travel essentials without compromising on quality. Our brand embodies accessibility and affordability, offering a range of soft shell luggage that caters to the pragmatic traveler. Crafted with care, our collection is designed to accommodate various journeys, from short getaways to extended trips. Limo Luggage stands as a testament to the notion that affordable travel solutions can still embody durability and practicality. As a brand that resonates with those seeking dependable luggage options without breaking the bank, we are proud to accompany explorers on their adventures with accessible style and functionality.

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